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Adelaide Metro Inaugural Fishing Adventure

It’s taken over a year for Skip to collate all the info regarding Adelaide Metro fishing and charters. Who have the girls used in the past, what was good, what wasn’t, who was flexible, who had a passion for fishing, and who treated them with the respect they needed as female anglers?

It resulted in a short list to trial and decide on who our metro charter operator was to be. Who could we work with?

The first adventure was in November, it was a pretty average day and both skippers Luke and Adrian from Reel Mad were on board. They have 2 boats between them so we can use both if needed for Fishing Trips with Skip. They both grew up fishing Adelaide metro with Grandad and they know the area so well. The boys don’t do 6am to 2pm charters, we go when the tides are right and come back when the fish stop biting – or the girls have had enough. The boys are also keen to teach the ladies how to be self sufficient, but will fillet their fish for them, a perfect fit for Fishing Trips with Skip!

Heading Out

The crew for the first adventure was Lisa, Lesley, Michele, Maria, and Shaz.

We met up at the North Haven Boat ramp, introduced ourselves and jumped on board for an exciting days fishing.

We hunted around for the first target, King George Whiting. The first fish in the boat was a 32.5 caught by Les and it was her first ever King George, she was stoked. The burley was working, and we were catching a heap of Mackerel and chow off the back. The burley pot became the fun for the day with Adrian forgetting it was down most times, he has a history of losing 3-4 pots per day.

Lesley caught an ornate cowfish, they are a cute little fish with a hard body, people also call them box fish. After a photo session he was released.

Whiting and Snook

We moved in closer as the wind had come up and were straight onto the KG, lots were too small just by .5 so were returned for another day.

We were also catching a few crabs on our whiting lines, but they were just undersize and needed to be returned. With the whiting slowing down, it was time to chase up some snook, these guys move every time it slows down.

No one had caught snook before and it was their first introduction to trolling. First troll was a double hookup before we had even settled in, it was awesome fun with 17 big snook coming on board, and just as many lost.

Skip kept the food coming all day, homemade sausage rolls and little pies, fresh rolls with fresh cooked beef, snacks galore, as well as water and soft drinks. You never go hungry on a trip with Skip!

The ladies on this trip made new friends, new fishing friends and were making plans for their next trip – Tuna down south. Luke was still chasing up fish, but the ladies were done – we still had to get back to the ramp and get them filleted.

This trip had been a 7am to 5pm and the boys were happy to keep going.

Presentations were done with the catch of the day going to Les with a nice double header of King George.

Solider of the day was also Les, she chucked all day and was still the last gal fishing.

The most species went to Lisa, Michele got the biggest KG at 39.5 cm. The biggest F@#K up went to co-skipper Adrian, he nearly lost the burley pot 3 times!

The quiet achiever award went to Shaz, with the most persistent award going to Maria.

It was an awesome day with awesome people. The inaugural Metro trip was completed and can only improve from here.