samoa fishing

Ladies lets go fishing in Samoa!

Are you coming?

Arriving in Apia Airport on Monday 11 November at around 1.15am, the first day will be spend resting. Sip on champagne around the pool while you get to know each other. A briefing over dinner with our fishing guides will set up the next week of fishing and adventure.

We have 2 boats; each have a maximum of 4 anglers so you will have plenty of room to move around and catch fish.

Tuesday November 12: Fishing

Wednesday November 13: Fishing

Thursday November 14: Fishing or rest day

Friday November 15: Fishing or rest day

Saturday November 16: Tourist day and we are off to snorkel around the coral cays and the Giant clam reserve ( I would bring your own mask, fins are available)

Sunday November 17: A day to go into the markets and do some shopping, this is your day, what would you like to do?

Monday November 18: We depart Apia and make our way back home. You can choose to go home or stay on longer. If you need help with this just ask.

The order of these days is subject to change due to weather and stamina 😊

Is this adventure over? Nope we have created memories of a lifetime.

Your Hosts

Captain Greg (Hoppo) Hopping and Tracey Tito (Skip)

Captain Greg
Raised in Sydney, Greg has been fishing since he could hold a hand line. In the late 90’s Greg started guided fishing adventures to Vanuatu and Fiji but fell in love with Samoa and started trips there in 2003.

He is an avid conservationist and a huge advocate of the tag and release of billfish and other sustainable fishing practices.

Apart from sitting on the committee of the Samoan International Game Fishing Association, he is also an active member of The Billfish Foundation and a longtime member of the International Game Fishing Association.

Tracey (Skip) – Founder and Skipper of Team Justagirl
Tracey is the Skipper of SA’s only all-female offshore competitive fishing crew.

Skip’s vision is to empower women to take the boat and go fishing. Not only does she encourage women to learn all things fishing, but she also builds their confidence to take on life’s challenges with newfound inner strength.

She is also the producer and editor of Australia’s first and only female fishing TV series Get Hooked with Team Justagirl, and the new series called Fishing Trips with Skip.

Skip has taken over 90 women around Australia catching fish and creating adventures that you could only dream about.

Skip is also an IGFA, AGFA and GFCSA member. Her crew ‘Team Justagirl’ have been runner up several times in the Australian tag and release program.

It’s your turn to join the fun – Talofa we will see you in Apia, Samoa