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The First Ladies Day!

The very first Fishing Trip with Skip was launched on Sunday 21st November 2021

9 women arrived at the boat excited and full of anticipation, not just about a day’s fishing, but also about meeting like minded women.

You see there’s not a lot of girls who love fishing, that know a lot of girls who love fishing! They are going to make friends with 8 fish loving girls – something we all dream of.

Jenny the Deckie gave the safety check before we left the Glenelg Marina onboard Glenelg’s Fishing Charters. The boat was aptly named “Wild Cougar”, I know at least half of the girls thought it was an omen.

We headed south and anchored up. The mood was great with laughs and stories as we all introduced ourselves to each other, we knew then that Skip was right, we have new friends, new friends that fish as well – how awesome!

Fishing Report

Okay, someone forgot to get the fish involved as our target species King George Whiting was noticeably absent, but we did see a few squid. That was it, off with the whiting lines and on with the squid jigs!

Renee was the first one with a squid on the boat, she was on fire after that, there was no stopping her. Everyone got a squid or 2, then it was time to move on to another spot to try for the elusive King George once more.

Margret got a nice one and yes, so did Renee. Then the leather jackets moved in and spoilt the party. There were slimy Mackerel everywhere and they were producing a lot of fun so we stayed on.

The day was moving on so another drop was tried without much luck.

Well that’s the fishing report – the real story behind this was the opportunity for the girls to get together and have a day out!

As introductions were made it became quite clear that if you called someone Tracey/Tracy you had a 30% chance of being right, if that failed, Alison was next with a couple of them on board.

The girls all came from quite different backgrounds, different family situations, nationalities, beliefs and ages. None of that made any difference, we were there to go fishing and have a great time.

As we returned to the ramp, champers flowing, it was suggested that in one year’s time we get together and celebrate this very first day. I’m hoping we do, but it is with more than 100 women who have been out with the Ladies “Fishing Trips with Skip” It will be a party night of huge proportions and we truly hope to see you there. xx