days fishing

A fantastic day out with some amazing women!

The Trip to Cape Jervis was a really early start, my alarm went off at 3am!

I had to pick up all the girls on the way down, I loved the fact that they were all there and no one was late.

We arrived at the cape around 5:40am, the boat was launched and ready to go. Thank heavens as the line up was massive.

The girls were all buzzing with excitement and I’m sure after Ben’s safety speech – a little fear. On the way down the passage breakfast was cooked and served – English muffins, ham and cheese cooked up a treat, served with some nice cold orange quarters.

Fishing Report

The Tuna flutters were obvious when we found them and a couple of schools were close together, we were one of a couple of boats briefly, Ben dragged the Halco Lures through and bang 2 went off, but only one stuck and it was Alison’s turn to get the fish in the boat

She got her fish in and we turned back into the school, YES another double hook up! This time Faye and Liz were on strike, we had decided to go in Alphabetical order which wasn’t that great if you had a name starting with z.

Both fish were landed and there were squeals of jubilation, its as much fun watching as fishing – well I thought so. 🙂

After that we couldn’t hook up another Tuna, they were there, we could see them, but they didn’t want to eat anything we tried to give them

It was decided to go bottom bouncing

Ben assured us he had a great spot and we could maybe get some Sharks and Blue Morwong. Everyone agreed, we trolled to the spot and set the anchor. Skip feeding the girls her speciality – home made sausage rolls on the way.

5 minutes and nothing, we moved. 5 minutes and nothing, so we moved, 5 minutes and bang it was all on with everyone hooking up Nannies, well almost everyone, Heather caught Wrasses. I love a Skipper who thinks its his fishing trip and will do whatever they can to get you on the fish.

21 Nannies later it was time to go in. Boat squared away and travelling back a surprise, yes, a beer and bubbles and a trophy presentation. Dan from The Fishing Guru has made and donated trophies for Fishing Trips with Skip adventures and if I might say so myself, they are awesome.

The Encouragement Award went to Heather – she caught a lot of fish, just not many that ended up in the Esky.

Faye took out the Catch of the Day with her double header of big Nannies.

What an awesome day and there are a few thanks to go out.

A big Thank You to

Gary Lloyd Fleurieu Charters
When I first ran the idea of Fishing Trips with Skip past him he believed it would work and asked how he could support me with it.

Gary’s Skipper, Ben Shannon, WOW I’ve never seen a man work so hard for his crew to get them on the fish, the day vanished and we all loved his sense of humour and no girls got sick.

Geoff, thanks for being the deckie for the day, I know you were probably nervous when you missed that first Gaff shot. Its not easy being on board with all those girls.

If you want to book a direct trip call Gary but if you want something special, including Transport, catering and someone else to organise you, give Fishing Trips with Skip a call.

Also a big shout out and thank you to Dan from The Fishing Guru for making trophies and donating them to Fishing Trips with Skip. xxxxxx