How one woman had a dream and made it REEL

In 2013, Tracey Tito’s life was on hold after being diagnosed with kidney cancer but now the 60+ year-old girl is riding the waves of life. And it's those waves that she is now literally focused on.

Tracey is the skipper and producer of the FIRST all-female fishing show called ‘Get Hooked with Team Justagirl’.


“It’s been one of the hardest journeys, a few years ago I could only hope, I never imagined I would be shooting my own female fishing show with a crew of inspiring women. I pinch myself every day and we’ve only just started”


It became apparent when the show hit the airwaves that there was a female audience who also wanted to go fishing and be part of the Team Justagirl movement. A new business “Fishing Trips with Skip” was conceived from the response. Hosted by Tracey (Skip) A fishing adventure that creates the opportunity for women to go deep sea fishing. Fishing trips with Skip started in November 2021 with a single Adelaide metro trip and has grown steadily since then


Fishing Trips with Skip : An unforgettable adventures for anglers

Fishing trips with Skip started in November 2021 with an Adelaide metro fishing trip and has grown steadily since then. Skip has established a reputation for offering bigger and better trips with Southern Bluefin Tuna offshore Kangaroo Island in SA being the foundation of her success.


Fishing trips with Skip is dedicated to providing everyone with the opportunity to experience the joys of a fishing adventure not to be forgotten. In 2022, She introduced seven-day fishing adventures for women. These trips provide four to five days of fishing, and a couple of days dedicated to exploring and experiencing the local scenes and culture.


Skip personally plans and hosts each trip, ensuring that every guest receives an unforgettable experience. Every trip is planned as if it would be your one and only, ensuring that everyone has the time and experience of their lives. Numbers are kept to a minimum to ensure that there is an opportunity for everyone to catch great fish.


Having trips that cater to women is a great way to encourage more women to get involved in the sport, find courage, and enjoy the great outdoors.


In 2023, Fishing Trips with Skip introduced mixed trips, offering an opportunity for everyone to meet new people and share fishing experiences. The trips include destinations such as Kingfish in New Zealand, Barra in Darwin, fishing in Fiji, and other locations that provide an opportunity to create something amazing. However, Skip warns that couples may not always be in the same boat on the away trips, but this can also provide an opportunity to try different fishing techniques and learn from other experienced anglers.

Skip's passion for fishing is contagious, and she is dedicated to creating unforgettable fishing adventures for everyone. Fishing Trips with Skip is the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the thrill of fishing while exploring beautiful locations and creating unforgettable memories.